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Personal Training & Bootcamps in Tamworth ..... The Missing Stuff .....

So, maybe you clicked on this page in the hope of seeing a picture of me, qualifications, testimonials, fancy videos of my work and loads of details you don't really need to help you improve but would like to know anyway!

Well, I'm in my 40's, married, kids, parents died in my 20's, traveled a little, been a pretty successful bodybuilder, always enjoyed change and improvement and seeing others change and develop. I use science based principles and practices to help people reach their goals and I walk the walk and test on myself a lot. I'm a work in progress (but aren't we all?) and have the same struggles as you do balancing career, business, family whilst becoming a better Warrior daily.

Yes, I'm qualified and insured in all I do. No, I'm not a GURU but I know some stuff that works.

Yes, you will find better websites than this with lovely colours, headers, pop ups and pics and videos but I'm that passionate about providing exceptional service to clients they do my advertising for me, so this website is purely for if you searched for ........ personal trainer in Tamworth and never heard of me!

By the way, there is no SUBSCRIBE TO MY EMAIL LINK HERE either as we all know that you get some basic free info that way followed by 636 sales emails that you will UNSUBSCRIBE to within 2 weeks!

I have 2 principles -  

1. Do an amazing job. 2. Show off the amazing work my clients do to inspire others just like them.

If there is anything else you need that is not on this site please call me and I will sort for you or email if you prefer.

If you think this website is simple, it is designed to be that way because;

 1. I like minimalism 

2. You do not need more info to change and improve who you are. 

3. It is often a lack of action that is the problem not a lack of info.

Feel free to contact me on the number above.

Matt Bartram PT - Trainer Of Warriors

P.S. I do not sell QUICK FIXES so please don't ask.   

P.P.S. Most testimonials and "before and after" pictures are fake so be careful how much time you spend looking at them.

P.P.P.S. If you really want to see some of my work go to the Social Media page above and look at my YouTube channel.